Tuesday, 17 April 2012

#58 Boots Haul - Pick Me Ups.

I recently had a little spend, which isn't what a girl should be doing when she's trying to scrimp and save every penny she earns. But sometimes us girls just need a break and need to treat ourselves to some new make-up, and this is exactly what I have done!
The pink background is actually a bodycon skirt from H&M however, there won't be any posts on it as 1. I brought it because it's a nice bright pink! 2. I brought it because it was cheap at £3.99 I couldn't say no and finally 3. I have nothing that actually goes with it. I don't think I really thought this one through! I also got some Elderflower eye-gel for puffy eyes which was actually a freebie from The Body Shop for becoming a member.
I then brought this GOOD THINGS 'Face The Day' Face Moisturiser which is £7.99 for 100ml and it smells amazing! You can really smell the fruity Goji Berry and Papaya in it which has to be a winner as I'm a sucker for things which smell amazing and I was in desperate need of a daily moisturiser.
My last purchases from Boots were the Wake Me Up Rimmel Foundation which has been raved about by many. However, I have to say I have read a few unhappy reviews too but for £8.99 I have to try it out for myself, plus once again, it smells brilliant!
I then went on to purchase some lipsticks as I've decided it's about time I became more sophisticated and swapped the lipgloss for lipstick! So first on the left I brought No17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in Dreamy for £4.29, and it's a nice soft, fairly pale pink.
I then went on to buy the new No17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in If You Please which is a nice bright in your face pink!
All reviews will be coming soon!

What little pick-me-ups have you recently brought?!


  1. I love the look and sound of that moisturizer :) xx

  2. Ahhh, I keep seeing the Good Things products on blogs today, t's just making me want to buy them more and more! Might have to pop to boots on my lunch tomorrow haha
    www.emmerliejay.co.uk x

  3. You picked up great things, I really want to try out Rimmel Foundation. x

  4. I was in boots today and I was checking out the Rimmel wake me up foundation but I was't sure so I put it back. I really like my foundation to be full coverage so I look forward to your review on it then I can decide whether to take the plunge and buy it xo

  5. I love the rimmel wake me up foundation! i bought the scandal eyes mascara too the other week but not got round to trying it out yet!
    Also agree that the Good things range smells lush! x

  6. Looks like you picked up some lovely goodies! X


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