Sunday, 29 April 2012

#61 New Style Crush/Girl Crush!

Rita Ora

Rita Ora has become my latest style crush/girl crush since becoming obsessed with her song RIP featuing Tinie Tempah. There's just something about her voice which really captures me and I find myself watching the music video again and again and again. I'm hoping to do more posts on Rita Ora in the future but these are just some of the pictures I want to share with you, and hopefully you'll be able to see why she's my new crush!
Also if you haven't already: Check out her song and video to RIP here!

All images were found on WeHeartIt

Personally I think that she is beautiful!
Who's your latest style crush?!


  1. I want her blonde hair so bad! The colour,the style everything about it is gorgeous! And she has an amazing body too,very beautiful :)
    I'm with you on that song,addicted to it :)


  2. I saw her this time last week, she was Drake's support act in Liverpool, very powerful voice and lots of catchy songs. I really like her style as well and her new song is soooo catchy!

  3. I totally agree she's gorgeous! xx

  4. She is genuinely too hot for existence!! She's so pretty + that song is amazingamazing X

  5. She is definitely abit of a hottie! Her make up always looks stunning!!

  6. omg i just absolutly adore her!! <3 x

  7. I absolutely agree, she's gorgeous, she looks a lot like rihanna, great blog I'm following! :) xx

  8. Ahh shes beautiful isnt she! :)

  9. I will follow your blog....


  10. i love her too! Been wearing matte red lips in honour :) x


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