Saturday, 22 December 2012

Next Just Pink

When I was younger I used to love watching my Mum put on her make up and spray her perfume before going out. I would constantly be asking if I could have some of her make up and perfume too. She would always play along with it pretending to give me some and it would make me so happy. As I started to get older I started to ask for my own and I will never forget when I was lucky enough to get my first perfume. From then on of around the age of 11/12 this perfume has always been a favourite of mine.

Just Pink is a very light floral scent and is described as having soft fruits and pink blossom in it too. It definitely does suit its name of Just Pink. I have still continued to love this perfume from being that little girl and each year I will receive a bottle of it or a gift set. It's the ideal gift for Christmas or Birthdays as it also comes with a very reasonable price tag.
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 These are the gift sets which are available from the Just Pink range. It consists of everything girly from perfume to candles, to manicure and pedicure sets to make up and body lotions.
The prices start at £5.00 and go up to £16.00 making it the perfect gift for anyone! Next time you're in Next make sure you check out their fragrances as most of their perfumes retail at only £10.00 and they will always have a full stock of Just Pink as from working there I know it's their bestseller!
Have you tried any of the other fragrances from Next?


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