Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012 - The Best Yet.

This Christmas really was the best yet. It was spent with my family and all the ones I love. Christmas day and Boxing day consisted to eating and drinking, exchanging presents, playing silly family games, watching all the Christmas TV and dozing by the fire. I wouldn't have spent my Christmas in a different way it really was the best. I was also so incredibly spoilt by my family and boyfriend and I felt it very overwhelming. They had all been so kind and generous and I cannot thank them enough.
I know lots of people like these kinds of posts, myself included as a way to be nosey and see all the fabulous gifts which everyone received. If you don't like these posts then I would suggest you do not read it or comment. This isn't me bragging about what I was given it's a way for bloggers to share what they all got.
As you can tell I've been very spoilt! There really aren't enough words to explain how I feel! I love my family so incredibly much and cannot wait to start 2013 with them!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!!
If you did a similar post about what you got for Christmas don't forget to leave the link for me to read!!

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  1. Wow your a very lucky girl, love nosing at what everyone got. x x


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