Monday, 3 October 2011

#19 Miss Selfridge Beauties!

Evening Bloggers! For those of you who read I've been feeling a bit blue recently and today at College whilst on my lunch break I thought I'd have a mooch about the shops and I'm so glad I did because I came across some bargains in Miss Selfridge! Now I love Miss Selfridge especially their glitsy and glam jewellery but I do feel that some of their items are way out of my price range. However I stumbled across their jewellery sale today and I snapped up some great bargains, and brought 4 pieces of jewellery for £10!!!

So you can see from the price tags being on that the most expensive items were £3 I am still amazed! Thats like 75% of some items!!

This gorgeous necklace was just too long to photograph! I'm obsessed with Pearl necklaces and have been wanting a Peace sign necklace forever so this was perfect for me, and at the bottom of the single chain is a gold feather, and it only cost me £3.

This next beauty which my mum and friend are already trying to steal off me and I've only had it a few hours didnt photograph that well. It's a bit gutting that the pink and cream jewels didnt show that well, but I can promise you it looks lush and again it was only £3!

I am officially in love with this little piece. It's so dainty and cute and surprisingly light in weight. The rest is self-explanatry! And this jem only cost me £2, I can't belive how amazing their sale was!!

Finally I brought these cute earings for £2. They are perfect for wearing in the evening or adding that cute chic look to a daytime outfit that needs a bit of sprusing, and I am really loving my earings at the moment. So there it is, the new love of my purchases and only for £10. Im.In.Love!

Have a great evening Bloggers!


  1. Love the heart with wings second from last, such a cutie!


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