Sunday, 2 October 2011

#18 Sunday Blues

The weather has been lush today, perfect for walking the Dogs with my boyfriend. But as much as I really enjoyed myself and always wish that our time together never ends, I couldn't help but feel really blue and for so many reasons...

1. Its college tomorrow and as much as I'm loving it and really geeking myself up by handing assignments in before the deadline date which is making me quite proud as I was always known for leaving things to the day before. I still feel like I haven't settled down properly even though I'm with a girl I've been really good friends with for about 5 years. I just wish I was there with all my lovely followers so I could talk makeup, clothes and pretty things!

2. I had an argument with my mum which really put a downer on my weekend, all for the sake of forgetting to bring the washing in Saturday night between coming home from work and rushing to Lukes house for the rest of the weekend. So now I'm labelled inconsiderate and self absorbed... as much as I love my mum and its always been just me and her pretty much sometimes I cant stand her! We'll get on so well like sisters or bestfriends for a few months and then have one almighty argument, but hopefully things are sorted now!

3. Money issues! There just isn't enough money to pay for driving lessons, car tax, a monthly train ticket, winter wardrobe and all those things that are branded unneccessay rubbish but are essential so us! And I just dont get paid enough from work to even cover this! Sigh..

4. Finally the weather is just confusing me. As much as it's lovely that we're having all this lovely hot sunshine, I am so ready for Winter! It's proberly because I am such a winter baby with my birthday and christmas all around the festive period. And I just love wrapping up warm and watching silly amounts of xfactor with the fire on whilst its cold outside eating a lovely warm roast with tonnes of gravy!

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Sorry for having such a 'downer' post. I just feel a little unsettled but of course there are so many other great things in my life, these are just a few that I have been thinking too much about recently. Hope you all had an amazing weekend in the sunshine!


  1. Everyone gets feelings like this!! I promise its not just you!! I understand where you're coming from though... Im sure college will get easier (well done on your assignments btw)things with your mum will be great again before you know it and unfortunately money worries really do suck! :(

  2. I hope you feel better soon, as many downers there are twice as many happy things to think about. I fully agree that arguments with your mum put you out huge amounts, but you have ups and downs with everyone and that includes your mum :) xxxxx


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