Friday, 21 October 2011

#24 Ed Sheeran Gig At Reading Sub 89

Evening Guys! Hope you're all celebrating the arrival of the weekend but for those of you who are catching up on blog reading like myself take a little look at my Ed Sheeran pics!! Last night me and my boyfriend went to go see Ed Sheeran at a local club, I brought the tickets for him for his birthday, but how could I resist when they were only £10 each, so for all of you Ed Sheeran fans who didnt turn up, you seriously missed out on a treat!! Before the gig I treated my boyfriend as another birthday present to Wagamamas, it is amazing! Chicken Katsu Curry is to die for. For those of you who haven't been I strongly recomend it. It's cheap, fast and amazing fresh oriental food.

So after  queing for about an hour we were finally let in only to wait a further 45 minutes for the first support actm, I think his name is Ryan Keane? Apparently he is new and up coming, but if I'm honest I didn't think to much of him as we were so excited for Ed and also fed up of waiting any longer. We then waited a further 15 minutes for ANOTHER support act however they we're Irich rappers called Abandoman and they were BRILLIANT. There is no quick way to sum them out so i strongly advise you to youtube them, they make raps out of things which are in the crowds pockets and things like that and they are hilarious!

Finally Ed Sheeran came on after nearly 3 hours of waiting. Words cannot describe how incredible he was, He sang loads of songs of his new album '+ (plus)' But to hear him without any edits or through the radio was just indescribeable, and what made it better was that I was an arms length distance away from him! I'm simply going to leave a few pictures of him for you to see as I keep having fits of excitement and can't form any decent sentances together.

P.S Sorry for the poor quality of my Blackberry camera and don't forget to follow on Twitter!!

Ed Sheeran - Reading Sub:89 INCREDIBLE!


  1. lucky poo! you gotta love a bit of ed sheeran xD

    maddie xx

  2. Words actually cant explain how jealous I am right now!!! Haha. xx

  3. I am so jealous!! I love Ed Sheeran! :) xx


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