Sunday, 16 October 2011

#22 Sorry Love.

I really do need a kick up the backside at the moment! I'm so sorry to all my lovely followers as I have been severely slacking with my Blogging. I've just had a really hectic week, but it's not like I even do masses, I just have lots of college work to do and I was stressing about my Kayaking assessment which went tits up anyways. So from now on I'm going to be a much more positive person, and I'm also going to learn to manage my time better. But suggestions on how to manage my time would be ever so appreciated as I'm terrible and just don't know how to! So for now just till I get back into the swing of things I'm going to leave you some picture which I found and for some reason or the other put a smile on my face, whether it brings back a memory or is just pretty! Also I'm not sure why I have named the title of this post 'Sorry Love' I think its because it frustrates me when people say it to me! Especially strangers! Does anyone else have this problem?!

Also, I now have Twitter. So search for me at HannahLCarberry 

All images were found at

This last one also has a huge meaning to me at the moment as today my bestfriend has jetsetted off to Mexico for two weeks and I'm going to miss her so much, the lucky sod! 

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  1. your not the only one who can't manage her time! haha
    i seriously need a lesson in how to manage work and other stuff!
    your blog is lovely btw :) xo


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