Tuesday, 13 September 2011

#12 Another Parcel In The Post!!

Afternoon lovelys, hope everone is having a good day. I've just been sat at home for the past few days waiting until I go to college so excited especially as my best friend has dropped out of A-Levels to and is doing the same course as me, yippee! So, so far the best bit of excitement I've had is the postman knocking on the door, with yet another Ebay purchase, I really must stop. However I couldn't help myself when I stumbled across these beauties for as little as 99p! So here they are...

I love this cute Tinkerbell diamonte necklace, and love the fact that it is on a long chain, as at the moment I'm not really a fan of short necklaces, so this was just perfect, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that it was only 99p! Here is the link to ebay page where you can purchase this cute little Tinkerbell necklace.

And here was the other necklace that I just had to buy as recently I'm starting to become obsessed with Paris as me and my boyfriend are looking to go there for a long weekend next year. The only downside to this necklace is with the way that they have made it. Unfortunately they added a few bits of long chain which sort of hides the Eiffel Tower which is a bit of a shame, but its still not bad for £1.29! Here is also the Ebay link to this necklace. So all in all I am very pleased with them especially as they were delivered so quickly coming all the way from Hong Kong, I think it took 10 days. For all you girlie girls who love a good bargain check out the necklaces and the seller. Have a good evening!


  1. love the tink necklace!

  2. i love the Tinkabell and Eiffel Tower necklace! I will definitely be ordering them! :) xx

  3. You have a great blog here! I'm so glad I found it!

    The tinkabell necklace is gorgeous, absolutely beauitful!!

    Wishing you all the best with your blog,

  4. Love both <3
    Nice blog honey!!

  5. Great bargains, the Tinkerbell necklace is so cute! xx


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