Sunday, 25 September 2011

#15 That Winter Feeling

I've been a terrible bloggger this week, and I'm sorry! It's been my first week at college and honestly  it's been amazing! I'm loving the course subjects compared to my AS levels. I'm doing things such as Police Powers, Disciplin and Leadership, Govenment Policies, Fitness and Water Based Activities which means every week I get to go sailing, kanoeing or kayaking.. like I said AMAZING to be doing this as my education. I also got offered the chance to work at the 2012 Olympics as a Security Officer as the organisers contacted the college as they want to employ students who are doing the Extended Level 3 Diploma in Uniformed Public Services to give them experience. I've applied and my college have only been allocated 30 places so fingers crossed I get a place so that I can go on to do the first set of training! I've also been working my butt off at work in the evenings getting ready for the sale which was this weekend, and it was manic, but I picked up some amazing bargains as staff are allowed first pick of the sale items! Hehe.

This week has really seen the changes in season, all we need now is minus temperatures and snow and then we would be complete and set for winter. However, I have to say winter is one of my favourite times of the year, I just love wrapping up warm and snuggles with the boyfriend whilst watching copious amounts of X-Factor! The only downside to winter and is my biggest hate about the whole season is chapped, dry, flakey lips! It's so frustrating and really unattractive, but finally I think I may have found a cure!

Back in the summer I popped into Lush and found their range of Lip Exfoliators, fantastic I thought lets give it ago considering those winter months. However I didn't really take into consideration that it was summer and went pretty much unused so I flung it to the back of my draws and after having a quick clear out I have fallen in love with it all again!
The exfoliator is just simply sugar! Which is a great idea as it means you can lick your lips after and it tastes so good but I'd advise you to choose wisely on the flavour as when I brought this I has such a sweet tooth and it smelt amazing, which is stil does it's just too sweet for me now. I take a small amount onto my finger and gently rub in a cirularmotion onto my lips and find that it gives instant results. So yes finally I have found my cure for those horrible dry winter lips. Lush's Sugar Lip Scrub and tonnes of lip balm to them soft and juicy! Hope you all had a good week!


  1. Aw Ive never seen have I managed that.
    My lips are really uneven sometimes so I like to exfoliate them.

    Lovely post-its really nice to hear your really happy. Fingers crossed for olympics job!!


  2. I need that I get such dry lips, sound like good subjects, what did you do for AS? I'm writing uo a lib dem conference week report atm for tomorrow morning, and tips for useful websites? I just want to sleep lol x

  3. Hey, I just gave you an award, please check out my blog,kisses.

  4. Hi i have given you a blog award x

  5. I have the sweet lips one and I love it! :)


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