Wednesday, 7 September 2011

#7 Parcels In The Post

My current worst habbit at the moment is...Ebay! I've been so bad and ordered so much stuff it's ridiculous, I'm even starting to feel sorry for the postman having to deliver so much..
My recent bargains on Ebay has been Jewellery at the moment. I found a really cute vintage charm bracelet, and it was only £2.99 but of course you can't expect the product to be amazing for such a cheap price but I was pleasantly surprised.

This is what it looks like on. It has three main charms of an airplane, phone and teddy, followed by some coloured stones.

For £2.99 I dont think that It's a bad bracelet and would make a cute Christmas or Birthday present for someone if you're trying to save money. Here is the link that will take you straight to the bracelet on Ebay, but check out their other stock they have some great pieces of jewellery for as cheap as 99p!


  1. Ebay is my obsession for a while too.
    The postman knows my address by heart:))

  2. I love ebay but I can never seem to find anything good!
    poppy xx

  3. It's very pretty, what a great find!


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