Friday, 9 September 2011

#9 Kate Moss Lippy!

Okay, so the other day I was thrilled when I found out that my local Boots were stocking Kates Moss's Lipsticks by Rimmel London (£5.99). She has brought a fantastic range of colours out ranging from nudes to red and she's even included a deep purple for those wild nights out. I only brought one colour and that was in 08, which is a pinky-nude.

The packaging is just plain black with Kate's signature across the lid in red - classic Kate really, simple but sexy!

I cannot wait to get my hands on her other colours, but sadly I'm going to have to wait till payday!

I was so pleased with how long it lasted as I did my makeup quite a while before I went to work and it lasted until after I'd finished which I'd say is a good 6-7 hours, which to me isn't that bad really considering with some lipsticks all you have to do it lick your lips or have a drink and it comes off. It also didnt dry my lips out which is another thing I find with some lipsticks as they make my lips feel like sandpaper! I'd definitely recommend these, or even if you're just curious go into Boots and have a play about with the colours!
Have a good friday!


  1. Oh yes I've heard about those new lipsticks, this one looks gorgeous!

  2. Love the range, this colour really suits you! I might have to get the nude shade xx

  3. Beautiful. I've been wondering which shade to try out, think you just made my mind up for me!

  4. oooh i might have to buy this colour tomorrow thank u x

  5. I also bought this colour the other day, for a date I'm going on next weekend! To me, this colour just says 'Kiss me!'

    It's gorgeous! I can only hope it does the job haha! ;) Xx

  6. Girls I have fallen in love with the colour and the lippy Kate Moss has done us proud I haven't stopped wearing it and will be going back for the other colours!

    @Kath I really does scream kiss me to the point my boyfriend yesterday kept wanting me to kiss him so it would leave little kiss marks on his cheek haha. Have a good date! xx


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