Friday, 30 September 2011

#17 Cotton Candy Powder Puff

So since last time I've been very busy with college, whoever knew it could be so tiring?! Luckily Fridays are my day off so after a 3 hour driving lesson I met up with my naughty boyfriend who was pulling a sickky! However, I didnt mind as he treated me to lunch in the sunshine, and then proceeded to drag me around Blockbusters looking for Xbox games for what seemed like a life time and after he came out empty handed and was then looking to go to the next shop I knew that I'd have more fun in Superdrug looking at all the pretty things! Of course I wasn't going to come out empty handed and after seeing raving reviews about them I decided to buy a couple of Collection 2000s Cream Puffs, which seemed like a bargain for only £2.99 each!

left to right Cotton Candy and Powder Puff

The colours look great I'm really liking pinks and nudes at the moment. However, the discription of the Cream Puffs was that they are a 'Moisturising Lip Cream' well sadly I don't feel that they are very moisturising at all, if anything once they have dried your lip drys out too. This certainly isn't what it says on the tin - so to say.

Powder Puff
This product was also another dissapointment. I can't get over how horrible and nasty it applied to my lips. I know that it was a nude colour but I wasn't expecting the pigment to be this weak after several coats to my lips. It really reminds me of when girls put foundation or concealer over there lips to get a 'natural' look but it just ends up looking all cracked and obvious. Its such a shame as it looked lush when I was buying it.

Cotton Candy
Finally this one didn't let me down! It applied nice and evenly, so I' not sure if the other one was just a one off. The colour is also great for suiting light and darker tonnes of skin, and I'll definatly be wearing it whilst I'm out with the girls tonight. Please let me know if you've had similar issues with the Cream Puffs and I'm still undecided whether they were a great buy or not. I'm definitley not happy with the Powder Puff but swaying alot more towards the Cotton Candy, oh the dilemas of being a girl! Have a great friday night! :-)


  1. cotton candy now on my to buy list!

  2. It is also on my to buy list!!! It looks gorgeous! xx

  3. I've got both these, I liked Powder Puff when i first applied it but then it went all cracked :( booo

  4. Cotton candy is so pretty! :)

  5. ohh i need to get cotton candy!! it looks lovely on you! :) x


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