Sunday, 18 September 2011

# 13 A little life update and SALE ALERT!

Morning all, hope everyone having a lovely Sunday, the weathers not to great so again I'm having a lovely lazy Sunday with my boyfriend as he plays xbox and attempts to get me excited about it... Do any of you girls also have this problem?!

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently I've been really busy this week with work and having a few days at college such as a fitness test (ouch) and a team building day at Longridge in Marlow if any of you are from around little old Berkshire and are familiar with the place. The team building was to get everyone on my course to get to know each other before starting college tomorrow. The day consisted of raft building and sailing our rafts up and down the Thames which was great fun and surprisingly we didn't sink! yay! Next we did team exercises and assault courses, and finally we did the High Course which was things such as Jacobs Ladder, which looks like this...

We went up in teams of 4 and had to help each other to the top as the bars get wider and wider apart and all you have to help yourself climb up is each other and the rope on your harness. I only made it to the fifth or sixth bar as once I realised I was higher than the trees I wanted to get down, which to me I feel is an achievement considering my extreme fear of heights, as usually I would simply refuse. All in all it was a great day apart from breaking 4 nails...4 FLIPPING NAILS! Now they need lots of TLC and looking after.

Also, for those of you who don't know I work at NEXT, and have a little inside information.. There's a mid-season sale next weekend! If you're a NEXT fan you'l know that their sales are great with as much as 75% off and great things go into the sale. I'm putting in a few extra hours at work to prepare for the sale so I'll know whats going in and I'll blog you whats available for those of you who are interested!

So enjoy your lazy Sunday and have a good week!


  1. Haha I don't have that problem as I enjoy a bit of xbox or ps3. That looks realy fun. Quite interested in the next sale.x

  2. My lazy sunday may have been too lazy with a 2 hour nap... fully undertand about the boyfriend xbox thing, fifa is the worst. Also you are so brave for climbing that thing, its massive! xxxxx


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