Sunday, 4 September 2011

#5 Rainy Sundays

Afternoon you lovely people,

Sorry for the lack of posts my laptop charger has broken! However, I have brought another one of ebay and cannot wait until it arrives, so for today I'm borrowing my boyfriends laptop whilst he spends this rainy day playing xbox...yawn!

Within the last couple of days I've been working. I work at my local NEXT and i love it! I get to see all the new clothes coming out and all the new winter fashions, I cannot wait, the only downside is that I spend all my wages there so since being paid I don't have that much money left, which make me sad! Yesterday though I had to go in and buy my new winter uniform, I'll post my new clothes when my laptops back up and running.

I also went to my Godsons third birthday yesterday after work, he is soo cute and was thrilled with his present, but like any party it isn't a party unless there is cake, for those of you who have seen Cars the Disney movie he had a giant pickup truck from the film and again I'll post the picture soon.

So whats everyone been up to this weekend? And I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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