Thursday, 1 September 2011

# 4 To Pandora Or To Not Pandora?!

Afternoon guys, what I really want to know is everyone opinions on the Pandora bracelets. When the big craze started in 2010, I was not one to follow. I thought that they were over priced - I mean £30 is the cheapest and it can go up to hundreds for a single bead! and if I'm I'm honest I'm too indecisive as to choose which one I would have on my bracelet and what colours I would want.

But to cut a long story short my boyfriend brought me a cream roped pandora bracelet, and it now has a single elephant charm which is another long story of when we were away on holiday together in Turkey

Even thought my elephant is very lonely on my bracelet I absoloutly love it and now where it every day

So thats my beautiful Nelly, and I can officially say that I am a bit of a Pandora fan now, but I don't know if I want to pay those may have to wait till christmas!
So the question is.. Are you a Pandora fan or not? If you are tell me about your bracelet!


  1. Aw, it's a really lovely bracelet!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. so cute!
    I do like them
    but I'd rather spend my money on clothes haha I've always just been into the cheap jewellery

    Serendipity Style Blog

  4. my nan brought me one for christmas 2009 and i have to say mine gets a lot of useage. it's so beautiful! i love it!

    maddie xx

  5. Very cute! I would spend my money on other things, but so cute!

    Definitely following! :)

    Follow Back? ;)

  6. not really a fan anymore, i was really wanting one a while ago. but like u said, its overpriced :S

    great post :)

  7. I actually own a Troll bracelet, which is a very similar thing- but a different brand. My friend has a Pandora bracelet though and for her birthday, I bought her that exact elephant charm because we went to Kenya together! x

  8. Ahh thanks guys! :-) I love all your comments and knowing how you feel about the bracelets!
    Of course I'll follow for those who asked! :-) xx

  9. awww wow this is so cute! this is what makes me want a pandora :) x

  10. AHHH I love the elephant charm!!! I've got a pandora, it was a 21st birthday present last year (with a little 21 charm.) I never really buy charms, but i have got a few from family members. I think it's the sentimentality of it that makes me love it more, and as my 22nd is coming up soon i think a little nelly is definately in order =)

    K xXx

  11. I'm Pandora Fan. I've got the same braclet as you and the sterling sliver one. I think that it is a great twist on the old fashioned charm bracelet and definitely looks modern. However some of the items are really over priced. I love your elephant charm!! xxx

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