Monday, 25 March 2013

Miss Selfridge Monday #2

Last week I started the first series of posts called Miss Selfridge Mondays as Monday is my least favourite day of the week and I like to make it better by doing some online window shopping at my favourite shop.. Miss Selfridge, so these are just a few of the things I've been loving and lusting over today.

1. Perspex Triangle Studs £8.00 - I've recently stopped buying earrings as I haven' found anything which I like and I've gone off wearing the ones I've got. However, when I saw these I knew I just have to have them!
2. Barbie Slogan Cold Shoulder Top £22.00 - This I've just fallen in love with, Barbie was my idol when I was younger and I loved anything Barbie, she seems to be making lots of appearances in Miss Selfridge recently, and it's that perfect bit of tackiness for the summer!
3. Duck Egg Mesh Prom Dress £49.00 - Again, this is something else which I thought was absolutely gorgeous and a must have for summer. It comes in Coral too which I'd also love to have!
4. Sindy Green Bow Back Heels £42.00 - These shoes just speak for themselves, they're beautifull, and well.. essential! They also come in Coral to match most items on my wishlist. I can see this being a very expensive summer.
5. Woven Bow Trim Floppy Hat £20.00 - This is a why the hell not hat?! Not to be big headed but I really suit these types of hats and it's about time I purchased one for summer!
6. Rose Texture Pinny Top £29.00 - This little top is just gorgeous and it has such cute detailing on it along with cross back straps which just makes it perfect for those hot sunny days.

I can't wait for summer! Whats your favourite fashion style for summer?!


  1. I am loving numbers 2,3 and 4!
    Great picks!

  2. that dress is so adorable!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  3. ooh the dress is so cute and i love the earrings!! xo

  4. Hey I really like your blog and follow it on bloglovin, I have nominated you for a Liebster award. You can find out more info on my blog

    Lorna xx

  5. The coral top and powder blue heels are so cute!

  6. I love that Coral peplum! xx


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