Monday, 11 March 2013

Miss Holly's Giveaway Prizes!

A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway on Instagram which wan run by the lovely Holly from Miss Holly and I have to give her credit for her lovely blog which I have been following ever since I started blogging. I was thrilled when Holly announced that I had won her giveaway as it was the first time I had ever won one!
Amongst all my lovely prizes were three products from Elf, which is a brand that I love, their products are great quality (well all the ones which I've tried) and are great for value. However, I'm not entirely convinced they're better than MUA, but still great! I'm excited to try the Tone Correcting Powder along with the Bronzed Look Beauty Book, because if their shadows are anything like their blushers then they'll be so pigmented. And nail varnish? You can never go wrong with nail varnish for a girl like me!
As well as the Elf products Holly also very generously added four more products, including Champneys body cream and body glow. I love my lotions and potions and these smell great. She also included a Konad double side stamp yet, which I'm not familiar with but can't wait to use. I love nail art but I'm not the greatest at it so hopefully this will get me more creative! Finally, there was a bottle of So...? Kiss Me Perfume which takes me right back to my days of being at school and it's a scent which I've never grown out of and still love. 
I feel so lucky to win such a lot of lovely things, so thank you so much Holly!!
You can also follow Holly on her Instagram @misshollyxo

I hope you all have a great week! If you've tried any of the goodies which I've won then let me know what you thought about them!


  1. Well done you.
    I have also just checked out MissHolly's blog and love it too :)
    Jade x


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