Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Nspa Beauty Products

Back in November I did a post on products which you can buy at a Spa near where I live, these products are made and branded specifically by this Spa. However, they are now stocking them in most Asda's. Back in November my post of goodies included a Hand Cream, Detox Scrub, Body Butter and a deep cleansing Face Wash. I adore these products and use them weekly. A while back I took a trip back to the Spa and couldn't resist buying more!
Whilst taking a trip to the Spa I went with my Mum, who very kindly, when it came to paying brought the products for me as a birthday treat! She also brought herself a few bits and pieces, but there were some duplicates so I thought I'd show you just what I brought.
You can buy the Jojoba and White Vanilla Luxury Scented Candle online or from Asda, if you do manage to get your hands on it at Asda's it's very inexpensive at £3.00 for such a gorgeous smelling candle, with hints of Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Musk and Warm Amber. It's delicious and I didn't know a candle could have so many scents!
The Night Repair Cream is available to buy at Asda for £5.00 and they currently have an offer of 2 for £8.00 on their face creams and other products.
The Jojoba and White Vanilla Warming Salt Scrub costs £3.00, and this really is amazing, both me and my Mum have loved using it.
Finally, I love this gorgeous Jojoba and White Vanilla Foaming Bath Milk, it's perfect for relaxing evenings in the bath tub when you're unwinding from a stressful day. This retails at £3.00.
When I went to the Spa I was amazed at how cheap the products were, but looking at the price they are in Asda they are even cheaper by around £1.00 - £2.00 per product. So it you do happen to be in Asda's make sure you check out their products!
Have you tried any Nspa products yet?


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